If golf is your passion, then this year's Myrtle Beach World Amateur Handicap Championship is where you want to be.

Sunday (22)

About the Tournament

Now in its 31st year, the World Am is a golf event like no other in one of the most popular and enjoyable vacation destinations in America. [read more]

world map

A Truly Global Event

See the countries that are represented in the 2014 World Amateur Handicap Championship. [read more]

Sat.  (100)

Participant Gift Bag

See what is in store for you upon arrival. With over $300 in retail value, this is one great gift bag! [read more]

World Amateur Handicap Golf Champanionship Prizes

What You Win

In addition to the coveted World Amateur championship title, trophies, gift cards, golf gear and more are up for grabs to all players. [read more]

View Photos from the Golf.com World Amateur Handicap Golf Champanionship

Photo Gallery

View some of the great golf moments from this amateur competition and check in on closing round action at the world’s largest 19th Hole. [see photos]

sunday Myrtlewood (12)

Team Challenge

Teams compete at this golf tourney in the World Am to win a grand prize trip for 2!  [read more]

flights 7-8 (4)

Rules & Regulations

The Myrtle Beach World Amateur Handicap Championship adheres to USGA rules of golf and USGA handicap requirements. [read more]

Who are the sponsors for the World Amateur Handicap Golf Champanionship?


Huge thanks to our sponsors, SI Golf Group, PGA Superstore and others who share our passion for competitive amateur golf! [read more]


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